About Nielsen Training

“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”

~ Aristotle

Nielsen Training and Consulting inc. is a firearms, consulting and tactical training organization that provides expert skill development, training and consultation for the beginner to the professional firearm owner. At Nielsen Training and Consulting inc. we provide specialized training to Law Enforcement and Military personnel/units, as well as to law-abiding citizens. All of our courses use real world scenarios and implement the most current proven tactics. Our goal is to be innovative and adaptive while providing our clients a positive learning atmosphere that promotes the highest quality of training and education with a strong emphasis on safety, which is our highest priority.

Our Mission

At Nielsen Training and Consulting inc. our training philosophy is to be progressive, innovative, student and safety oriented. It is our belief that our instructional staff is our most valuable resource and, for that reason, we strive to provide an atmosphere that promotes a positive learning environment for them to teach within, as well as it inspires their excellence. Our students safety and learning is our highest priority. Each of our staff is highly committed to this.

Our Staff

Todd Nielsen

Todd retired as a full time police officer in August 2015. He started his law enforcement career in 1990 with the San Jose Police Department. During his tenure, Todd has served in many Special Operations units which consisted of a convert and plain clothed Narcotic Enforcement, Critical Incident Teams, Rapid Containment Teams, Crowd Control and also doing High-Risk Warrant Service with his department and in conjunction with other local SWAT teams. He has been a Field Training Officer (FTO) for over 10 years and AR-15 Operator (Specialist) for over 17 years. This has given him an opportunity to train many new and veteran officers. This has also allowed him to be a team leader most of his career. Todd has served as part of the Secret Service Dignitary Protection Operations for Presidents Clinton and Bush. As part of being a full time instructor for his department, Todd developed and implemented a low-light tactical training program for his department along with training all in-service officers in Active Shooter Tactics, Use of Force, Dynamic and Slow Search Tactics, First Aid and CPR. Todd has worked as a Lead Instructor for a large domestic tactical training firm and has trained law enforcement officers from across the country, military contractors, as well as military personnel with the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) on numerous occasions prior to their deployments overseas. He has also been awarded an Outstanding Police Duty Award, for his actions in June 2011 for hearing the sounds of gunfire, setting up a rapid response team, and arresting the still armed shooter within minutes of him doing the shooting.

Since retireing he has moved NT&C base of operations to the state of Utah.  He has consulted with several product manufacturers on development of products for the firearms and tactical industries.  He also acted as a stuntman, and a tactical and firearms expert in some small films.

Todd is a POST certified firearms instructor, a United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) Firearms and Tactical Instructor, a NRA firearms instructor as well as a certified force on force instructor. He has successfully completed many patrol, advanced, tactical and instructor level firearms training courses as well as CPR and Defensive Medicine (TCCC) certifications. He has also trained with many of the top instructors in the private firearms industry in addition to some of the leading military instructors in the world today.

Along with firearms and shooting, Todd’s hobbies include scuba diving where he was awarded the William Poelle Life Saving Medal for pulling a drowning diver out of the heavy surf and performing CPR on her and saving her life in 2005. He was a member of the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) and a proud Life Member of the NRA. He is also a proud supporter of Operation Care and Comfort, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund and the COPS foundation.

Ron Matik

Ron was hired on with St George Police Department and began field training in 2004. Ron worked there until 2019. During his career he received instructor training and assisted the police department in his other passion physical fitness. He received education from Dixie State College in exercise science and was a certified personal trainer. He also worked on bicycle patrol. He was also a field training officer and trained new police officers. Outside of patrol, he was assigned to a middle school as a school resource officer. There he was responsible for the security of the school and investigating crimes that occurred during school hours.

During this time, he also worked at the Dixie State College Police Academy. There he was responsible for the physical fitness program. He developed the routine and plan for getting the cadets into shape. He also tested the students to make sure they would be able to pass the physical fitness standards to pass the police academy and get hired in law enforcement.

He also worked at a youth crisis center and was responsible for safely transporting young people in crisis from their out of state residence, mental hospital, detention center, or other crisis center to the youth crisis center in St George. He was also responsible for transporting students to medical appointments, court hearings, and other off campus appointments.

After Law Enforcement, he joined the Nielsen Training team. He is a certified pistol instructor with the NRA. A certified instructor in concealed carry and home defense with the USCCA. He specializes in self-defense training. He is also a certified Concealed Carry Instructor with the state of Utah.

Outside of firearms and self-defense training, Ron’s other passion is physical fitness. Ron continues helping people reach their personal physical fitness goals and assists people with creating personalized workout routines. Ron is also an avid outdoors man and loves hiking with his son. Ron is currently employed and working as a police officer in the state of Utah.

Our Mission

BPMF’s mission is to help strengthen our Community by providing the best possible training and support for our Families, Friends, Neighbors, Business and our First Responders.

Be Prepared Motivated and Fit!

From time to time we will bring in Subject Matter Experts in their fields or other certified Range Safety Officers to assist us in teaching our courses