Pistol Courses

All of our pistol courses require a holster for the firearm you are using, multiple magazines or speed-loaders, pouches to hold the magazines or speed-loaders, and proper eye and ear protection. For a detailed equipment list please contact us at [email protected]

Defensive Handgun 1 (One Day 6-8 hours)

Our Defensive Handgun 1 course is designed for anyone from the first-time shooter; the weekend shooter or the seasoned operator that wants some core fundamental skills building with the use of a pistol for tactical or defensive purposes.  Our professional staff will help you to become comfortable with the core fundamental skills of sight alignment, grip, stance trigger squeeze, the use of a holster, and fixing malfunctions.  We will introduce you to modern handgun fighting techniques, proper target acquisition and shot placement to effectively win an armed encounter.  You will take home effective drills and techniques that you can use in your own training regime.  If you are a new handgun owner or recreational shooter looking to get into the tactical training world this is a great course to start with without a large monetary commitment.  It is also a good way for an experienced operator to build and hone their skills.  We look forward to seeing you in this fun and informative course. (MINIMUM ROUND COUNT – 300 rounds). 

Ladies Pistol Clinic (One Day 6-8 hours)

Designed specifically for the beginning female shooter or the seasoned female operator who wants to learn the proper techniques for the use of a handgun in a “defensive” situation.  Our one day Ladies Handgun Clinic was developed to “build” on your core fundamental skills with the use of a handgun and to “breakdown” any stereotypes or pre-conceived notions regarding females using a handgun as a defensive tool.  Our professional staff will help you become comfortable with the use of a holster, grip, stance and proper sight alignment.  We will introduce you to modern handgun fighting techniques and shot placement to effectively win a deadly encounter.  You will take home effective drills and techniques that you can use in your own training regimen.  If you are a new handgun owner or recreational shooter looking to learn new defensive skills with a handgun, this is a great course to start with.  This course is a great launch pad to our other more advanced defensive handgun courses.  (ROUND COUNT – 300 rounds).

Pistol Manipulations Clinic (One Day 6-8 hours)

This one day pistol manipulations clinic is a fast paced and physically demanding course designed to renew and rebuild your fundamental skills with a pistol and help build new ones.  Defensive Handgun 1 or equivalent is a prerequisite for this course.  Muzzle awareness is mandatory to attend this course.  We will challenge you to be able to draw faster, shoot more accurate, and fix malfunctions faster than you ever have in the past.  We will be doing many repetitions to build the necessary motor skills and neuro-pathways necessary to achieve those goals.  We will push you to reach your goals and highest potential in the course. We will provide you with drills to use in your training regime that will help you stay on top of your skillsets.  (ROUND COUNT – 300 rounds).

Concealed Carry Tactics (for the CCW holder and LEO) (One Day 6-8 hours)

With the legal authority to carry a firearm comes great responsibility.  You must keep up on your training and not become complacent.  Are you prepared to defend yourself and those that you love and care about?  In this one day concealed carry tactics course, we will teach you to use your powers of observation and show you tactics that will help you to have more situational awareness.  This course was developed with over 20 years of concealed carry experience and designed to defeat the harshest of critics; the criminal element.  We will begin our course with a discussion of proper “carry techniques” and what has proven to be effective and what has proven to be detrimental.  We will help you develop a “low silhouette” to do a concealed carry draw that will surprise an attacker.  We will be drawing from many different positions while carrying concealed.  This will be a physically demanding course so please come prepared.  Defensive Handgun 1 or equivalent is a MANDATORY prerequisite for this course.  Muzzle awareness is mandatory for this course.  Out of state concealed carry holders are encouraged to attend.  (MINIMUM ROUND COUNT – 300 rounds)

Real World Pistol (One Day 6-8 hours)

A handgun is a versatile tool and highly concealable for use in self-defense and defending those you love and care about. This one day defensive handgun class is designed to teach the proper use of a handgun specifically for “defensive” purposes.  We will help you master body positioning and draw stroke so you will quickly be able to get on target and be able to use your pistol as a defensive weapon.  We will help you to acquire a faster sight picture so that you can win an armed encounter.  We will cover items from proper gear selection, shooting positions, malfunction clearing and a survivor’s mindset.  We teach varying Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP’s) that are not always known and/or practiced.  We believe that using TTP’s properly and knowing how YOU will react is a direct response of your level of training.  Based on our “Real World” experience in our daily “off duty” carrying of a pistol for defense, and in our professional “on duty” lives, we have developed this course to assist you in your preparation to use a pistol in a defensive deadly encounter.  Your initial understanding of using cover and concealment through proper shooting position (standing/kneeling/prone) will be discussed and demonstrated in this class. A competent understanding of muzzle awareness, all aspects of firearm safety and a basic fundamental understanding of how your handgun works is a requirement for this course.  (ROUND COUNT – 350 to 500 rounds)

Low Light Pistol (One day 6-8 hours)

Fighting in a diminished light capacity is nothing short of difficult.  In the modern world, there are low lite areas even in broad daylight. These shadows and dark spots are a prime location for an adversary to attack you. Proper identification is an integral part of any armed encounter.  The use of a light will assist with that proper identification in periods of darkness. We will teach you the core skills of working with a pistol and multiple kinds of flashlights.  We will help you become proficient with your chosen handgun and your chosen light.  We will discuss and demonstrate the benefits and the problems of multiple different handgun techniques while deploying a handheld flashlight or weapon mounted light.  We will go over the advantages and disadvantages of each technique and show you as you use them and how they can help you and hinder you.  This course is based on hundreds of hours in the field with just the use of illumination devices.  We will NOT be using night vision optics in this course. A shooting and manipulation qualification will be held prior to being able to shoot in this course. (MINIMUM ROUND COUNT – 300 rounds) 

Defensive Handgun 2 (One and a half day 10-12 hours)

Our Defensive Handgun 2 course is a one and a half day course that is designed to be fast paced and focused on the practical application and situational reality of modern day defensive handgun fighting.  Defensive Handgun 1 is a mandatory prerequisite course, however proof of an equivalent course will be considered.  Our “half day” is dedicated to the introduction of low light shooting, an often misunderstood and poorly taught art form. Please read “Equipment needed” section carefully to ensure you are properly equipped for the low light/no light portion of this class.  We will drive you to shoot outside of your comfort zone and teach you the techniques necessary to fight with your handgun and do your manipulations faster than you ever thought you could.  We will cover more advanced techniques on the use of effective cover and concealment while fighting with your pistol.  We will focus on dominant AND non-dominate hand shooting and the use of multiple shooting positions.  We will help you develop the stress inoculation needed to maintain the self-control needed to utilize the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP’s) you chose to utilize for your specific environment.  (ROUND COUNT – 350 to 500 rounds)