Nielsen Training offers firearms and tactical training across the United States. We are based out of Utah, but we have traveled across the US to provide training courses. We primarily train in Utah and the western states, but we can travel to your location as needed.

We will teach you step-by-step tactics to effectively survive an armed encounter, and how to use your weapons to your advantage. If you are a seasoned operator or just purchased your first firearm, we have the staff and courses for you.  We don’t just teach shooting we teach problem solving.

We believe that all training should be relevant to the needs of our clients. Because of this we use real world proven tactics and teaching techniques. Apart from our individual courses, Nielsen Training and Consulting also works with teams to demonstrate and develop techniques for your specialized team or group.

You will take home useful drills and techniques that can be used in your own training. If you are a first-time handgun owner or recreational shooter, or a seasoned armed professional we have the right courses for you.

Our staff can tailor a specific training program for your private company or specialized units.  We have developed programs for security companies, military teams, law enforcement teams, community groups and private individuals with private security contracts.  We can develop programs for POST certification and be a technical advisor for your products and their development.  We have assisted with photo demo shoots, product advertisement and product development.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and we will work with you to develop a course to fit your needs.

Courses We Offer

Rifle/ Carbine

Tactical & Shotgun


Mental Preparations

Ready Gunner Courses

Womens Courses