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NTAC Mental and Physical Preparedness Team

If we are only as strong as the training we default to in a given situation, I can’t think of any more life threatening than these two, mental and physical preparedness. We don’t speak loud about either one often enough. Your mental and physical preparedness are just as crucial as your tactical skills and ammo supply. Without them, all the other training can fall apart. Especially when you join one of my live trainings or coaching sessions, you will see I give 110% every time … but our trainings move fast and as time increases since your last one, we will have some loss of the perfect form and more.

The areas that really will make the difference is what you do in between our trainings together. And I couldn’t be more excited about bringing this into the NTAC community because it is another amazing area I can serve you, in these critical off times!

The vision of the NTAC Wellness team started in 2020. And it was exciting to bring it to a reality in the start of 2021! Let’s answer a few quick questions here:

  1. What is NTAC Wellness Team: Simply put it is a team of some dynamic and powerful women and men focused on mental, emotional and physical wellness! It is an open invitation if it serves you, to set up a free chat with Regina, John or Lauren who run my wellness team. Regina is a yoga teacher, you will notice her from my wellness Wednesdays and talking about flexibility and mobility and more, she also has a great knowledge with health and natural wellness solutions. John focuses on men’s health, runs and international brotherhood called REYL men, helping fathers and men elevate their purpose. Lauren is a Holistic Nurse, is a wealth of knowledge about everything from new and old injuries, all body systems, and an expert in natural wellness solutions.

I say all that to say this … we got you covered! These 3 are incredible and have supported me personally with sleep, pain, anxiety, depression and so much more! They have been a lifeline for me and now you get direct access to them. Those who know me know I suffered many on the job injuries and went home emotionally with many others that I tried for years to deal with on my own. I know now there is better ways to handle things and I am so excited for you all to get the support I didn’t have for many years.

2. What does this mean to you? Well, you will see below you can book a free wellness consultation to chat about what your top health goals or challenges are, they will spend some time reviewing what you’ve tried and offer some options they think will help. Next they will send out a free sample packet or if you are ready to jump in they will help you get set up with whatever you may need (maybe vitamins, pain cream, sleep support, help with anxiety just to name a few).

3. What kinds of tools might help me? Just like I have my favorite and vetted and tested body armor, tactical gear, etc these are more tools and have become quite valuable to me. They have helped me with a daily vitamin regimen that has really helped my energy levels and I know it has reduced my inflammation levels because I have way less pain, especially in those old injury areas. Also it has been powerful to have other tools handy on the road like my pain cream I put on before being on my feet all day in mostly uneven terrain in boots, and even some essential oils like peppermint and wild orange to help me with focus and staying alert and on my game all day! Not to mention the support I am seeing it offer first time shooters who are very nervous, tools to calm anxiety have been so beneficial.

4. Wellness Team On The Road: Yes, I will be having my wellness team with me at many trainings this year in 2021, to maximize what you get out of the day and to stay sharp all day long. Be sure to connect and chat and they will bring along some things to help you that day whether nervous as a first time shooter, need a cool down in the heat, different positions is causing pain to name a few. Some of the coolest people I’ve met and they wouldn’t be rolling with me if they too weren’t vetted for how they look out for and serve and show up in the world!

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