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Top tier holsters for the armed professional
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Apparel and Gear

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Our goal and our mission has always been to create a community of people from every walk of life and every background with one common purpose — Show pride and love for their country.

We are so proud to be an affiliate with Ian and his crew.

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Our mission is to manufacture the highest quality tools for people who’s lives depend on the tools they carry. We are US Veteran owned and operated. We strive to manufacture with exacting tolerances using only the very best materials.
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Tools To Trust Your Life Too

Our Premium Tactical Flashlights are Built to Withstand the Toughest Conditions and Ensure Functionality During High Demand Situations. We’ve Combined Premium Craftsmanship, American Ingenuity, and Cutting-Edge Technology; Creating a Highly Dependable Tool, that You Can Trust Your Life With.

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We have tested this and now its our exclusive lubricant and cleaner.  These products are amazing!  Check them out at the BPMF training center or ask us directly. Another great American company we love to support. Click on the photo for 10% off your purchase and use code “TODDNIELSEN” at checkout.

Stay tuned for a upcoming video review!

SIM-X ammunition yields ultra-high velocity, low recoil, lower weight and more shots on target. Think about that… and then get ready to rethink what ammunition is.

Active Carry Technologies was developed for EVERYONE. After several years of designing kits with state and federal agencies, we saw an opportunity to cover a couple of concepts that were being ignored.

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For all of your Leather Needs

We proudly wear his belts daily.

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At BPMF we believe that education and training should be a way of life. We offer everything from Self Defense courses to Fitness training and Eating right, to build a Better Body, Mind and Spirit. We welcome anyone from all walks of life, who wants to go the next level.  

Be Prepared Motivated and Fit

Jon Chase
Chase Movement

Is a movement efficiency practitioner with expertise in nutrition, exercise, stress management and mindset.

I am driven to share the knowledge I’ve been fortunate enough to accumulate through my education and life experiences, with all that are ready for it. I do this through the medium of exercise movement efficiency, quality nutrition, stress management, and an ever growing mindset of progress. I coach people to utilize their genetics to the best of their abilities.

Patrick Odle
Modern Civilian Combat

Patrick Odle is a dedicated teacher and student of defense. His lineage and training is extensive, his commitment unmatched, and his teaching skills exceptional.  Training with Patrick you don’t just get basics in one art, you get a cultivated understanding and comprehension of defense.

Body Tempering is a tool used to accelerate sport activity performance and recovery by combating soft tissue restrictions. Body Tempering is utilizing weight to assist in joint and soft tissue mobilization. That weight can be light (3-5 lb) up to Heavy (165 – 300 lb). It is a tool to improve range of motion, increase flexibility, reduce soreness, mobilize the myofascial layers, address trigger points (or tender points), strengthen tendons, and alter sympathetic nervous system excitation.

We’ve meticulously designed, built, and tested every product here in the USA.

Our frames provide a perfect fit for all shapes and sizes. We feature interchangeable polarized lenses in color options you won’t find anywhere else. Our lenses are held in place by patent pending nylon Inserts that make swapping lenses a breeze. The super strong 7 barrel hinges use two screws per hinge to tighten and improve fit.

Come in to fulfill all your outdoor adventure and your preparedness needs.  We use many products from Sophos Survival at our courses because we know we can trust our lives to the equipment that they sell!

In most active shooter situations the police response will be 3 minutes or less. However, from the second the first round is fired until the shooter is engaged by law enforcement, YOU are your own first responder. We will give you the tools you need to survive and more importantly we will teach you how to protect those who depend on you to keep them safe.

Utah’s favorite gun store.  Come to one of our many classes held at their ranges!

Rudy Chavez is from Heber, AZ. A small community in Northern Arizona. Hunting, camping and anything pertaining to the outdoors. He has 22 years of prior military and law enforcement service. Rudy is a certified RSO, CCW Instructor, Hunter Safety Instructor, Firearms Instructor as well as gunsmithing and cerakoting.

Robyn Chavez was born in Richfield, Utah. She spent her childhood going on family hunts, fishing, and camping trips. She has a combined 15+ years of experience in photography, design, and sales. She currently runs her own health and beauty business alongside this one.

The two met while Rudy was in the military. They spent some time living back East, but the West is where their hearts were. They eventually made their way back to Utah. They were determined to make a life where they could camp and enjoy the outdoors.

With the knowledge and experience these two have combined, they were able to build R&R Tactical Design, LLC. They have the determination, passion and drive to bring their customers great quality products, prices and information, topped off with excellent customer service.


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