Orem, Utah | Danger Close Pistol Clinic | Nov. 10 and 11, 2023 | Ready Gunner


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Most violent encounters occur at extremely close distance, often seven feet or less, and are over in a matter of seconds. Understanding how to defend yourself at close range can be critical in a self-defense situation.

This course incorporates self-defense mindset and tactics with a focus on developing your retention shooting skill, practicing deployment from your holster at close range, deployment from concealment, and ultimately adding strike and shoot techniques into your training scenario.

Prerequisites: NTAC Defensive Handgun 1 or Ready Gunner Defensive Handgun 1.

Round Count: 300 rounds

Required Equipment:

· Eye and ear protection

· Kydex, Polymer or Leather holster compatible with your firearm- see below for holster requirements

· Belt

· Magazine carrier(s)

· Minimum three (3) magazines (more is recommended)

· Long pants

· Closed toe shoes

· A concealment garment you would typically wear in public

· Knee pads

· Any Every Day Carry (EDC) gear you would normally have with you

Restricted Gear:

· No Serpa Style holsters

· No ‘soft’ nylon or ‘sticky’ holsters; you must be able to re-holster using only one hand

· Note: ‘soft’ nylon (or similar material) or ‘sticky’ holsters are cannot be used in this class

Questions about pre-qualifications or equipment? Contact Todd Nielsen at 408-682-0556.

Recommended Items to Bring:

· Notepad and pen for notes

· Water

· Snacks to sustain you

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Event Details

Start date: November 10, 2023

End date: November 11, 2023

Start time: 13:00

End time: 13:00

Venue: Ready Gunner 1066 S State St, Orem, UT 84097

Directions: Ready Gunner 1066 S State St, Orem, UT 84097

Phone: (408)203-0119

Email: [email protected]