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Ladies! Enjoy learning, shooting, and socializing with other women who have taken the initiative to learn to protect themselves and their families with a self-defense firearm.  We will meet monthly on the second Tuesday (10am-noon) and second Thursday (7-9pm).  Meetings will start with roughly 30-45 minutes of classroom time and then move to the range for some shooting, with an instructor available to help you improve your technique and accuracy. (No additional cost for range access, just buy your target and the ammo for class at Ready Gunner.) We know you lead busy lives so we’ll keep it to two hours. Then you can return home to your family or head to one of the numerous restaurants close by to continue getting to know new friends.

Classroom time will feature a different topic each month, such choosing a holster and other gear, tips to improve your accuracy, knowing when it is legal for you to shoot, reviewing specific self-defense scenarios, improving your situational awareness, how and when to clean your handgun, and more!

52% of new gun owners in Utah are women, and our goal is to build a community where you can enjoy the support and company of like-minded women while gaining the skills you need with your firearm.

If you have questions or would like to be notified about the topics and dates of upcoming meetings, email Patty Reay at [email protected] or text (801) 610-6966.


November: Holsters! We’ll talk options to help you choose one that works for you, your body type, and your wardrobe. We’ll also discuss important safety considerations to keep in mind when you carry a firearm with you.

December: Pick the Right Ammo. FMJ? JHP? Is there a difference? Definitely! Understand what all those numbers and letters on the box mean and how to pick the right one for self-defense vs. range time.

Instructor: Patty Reay and Todd Nielsen
Time Commitment: 2 hours
Price: $10
Setting: Classroom and Range
Maximum Number of Students:  18


The list below may change a little depending on the topic of the month so please read it carefully.  If you’re planning to shoot with us for the second part of the meeting, bring the following gear with you:

  • Wear long pants with belt loops, and comfortable closed toed shoes. A brimmed hat is optional but recommended.
  • Handgun (Bigger handguns are easiest to learn on. Numerous options available to buy or rent in store.)
  • Rounds of ammo: at least 50 (purchase in store before class)
  • Preferably at least 2 magazines for the handgun, and a magazine pouch if you have one.
  • Eye protection (can buy or rent in store)
  • Ear protection (can buy or rent in store)
  • Holster* NOTE: we won’t be shooting from the holster for club meetings but please bring the one you have, and the belt you wear it on, to the November classes so we can talk about them.  A Kydex holster for outside the waistband is the kind you will need if you plan to take the Ready Gunner 1-4 beginner level classes. We can make sure you have the right kind.

*IMPORTANT: Only leather and kydex holsters, for your waistband, are allowed. (We will talk about other options like belly band, shoulder, ankle, off-body or beltless holsters but we don’t allow them for the shooting portion of the class, as they are difficult to re-holster and/or present safety issues.)

If you have questions about the class please email Patty Reay at: [email protected] or text (801) 610-6966.


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Start date: December 14, 2023

End date: December 14, 2023

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