Kaysville, Utah | Defensive Handgun 1 | Feb. 22, 2020 | Davis County Rifle Range (Wasatch Shooters Association)


Our Defensive Handgun 1 course is designed for anyone from the first-time shooter; the weekend shooter or the seasoned operator that wants some core fundamental skills building with the use of a pistol for tactical or defensive purposes.  Our professional staff will help you to become comfortable with the core fundamental skills of sight alignment, grip, stance trigger squeeze, the use of a holster, and fixing malfunctions.  We will introduce you to modern handgun fighting techniques, proper target acquisition and shot placement to effectively win an armed encounter.  You will take home effective drills and techniques that you can use in your own training regime.  If you are a new handgun owner or recreational shooter looking to get into the tactical training world this is a great course to start with without a large monetary commitment.  It is also a good way for an experienced operator to build and hone their skills.  We look forward to seeing you in this fun and informative course. (MINIMUM ROUND COUNT – 300 rounds)

Equipment list:

  1. A properly functioning handgun
  2. A proper fitting holster for that handgun
  3. At least 3 magazines for that handgun (5 recommended if using single stacked mags)
  4. 300-500 rounds of ammunition for that handgun
  5. Magazine Pouches for the magazines
  6. Body armor if you would wear it while deploying a pistol
  7. Sharpie type pen for marking targets
  8. Pen and notepad for taking notes
  9. Hat or other head covering
  10. Gloves (recommended but not mandatory)
  11. Knee and elbow pads (recommended but not mandatory)
  12. Eye and ear protection
  13. Footwear that you can stand in all day (boots are highly recommended)
  14. Sunscreen or raingear (as applicable) (The course will go rain or shine)
  15. Enough water supply to sustain you for the day
  16. A lunch or snack food (We will not have time to leave the range for lunch)


Davis County Rifle Range (Wasatch Shooters Association)  2000 E 650 N, Fruit Heights, UT 84037.  9:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Event Details

Start date: February 22, 2020

End date: February 22, 2019

Start time: 09:00

End time: 17:00

Venue: Davis County Rifle Range (Wasatch Shooters Association)

Directions: 2000 E 650 N, Fruit Heights, UT 84037 From Highway 89 turn East onto 400 North which intersects highway 89 with a stop light. After turning East on 400 North immediately make a left (North) and follow the road up the hill. Go past the gate. At the top of the hill turn left into the fenced area.

Phone: (408)203-0119

Email: [email protected]