Skills Maintenance/Move and Shoot | June 27, 2024 | Ready Gunner


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Fights are not static — unless you are behind shelter, you generally don’t want to stand in one spot and become a target! This live-fire course will focus on incorporating movement into your concealed carry skill set.

Working from concealment, practice the skills you have learned in the prior trainings of  moving, shooting with safety and precision in mind.

This course practices the essential deployment and accuracy skills necessary to remain proficient with your everyday carry gear.

These Skills courses are an excellent burst of practice to keep your technique fresh all the while having an instructor there to help observe and correct and instruct on the best practices, modifying technique and showing you efficient ways to move and shoot.

Bring your every day carry for this course.

INSTRUCTOR: Nielson Training Team


PRICE: $50



PREREQUISITES: All participants must complete one of the courses listed below before taking this class or obtain approval by the instructor.

Handgun Defensive or an equivalent training


This class takes place in front of the normal firing line, we will be using multiple targets from varied distances and with set shooting locations. We generally will use cones or floor markings for movement paths to require varied footwork and balance.


  • Eye and ear protection
  • Concealment garment(s) you normally use
  • Pistol or Rifle
  • If Rifle, a sling is required
  • If pistol a Holster is required
  • Holster and magazine carriers compatible with your pistol or rifle
  • Minimum three magazines for rifle and pistol (more is recommended)
  • Long pants
  • Closed-toe shoes
  • At least 200 rounds of ammunition for each firearm
  • No SERPA-style, nylon, or “sticky” holsters


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Event Details

Start date: June 27, 2024

End date: June 27, 2024

Start time: 19:00

End time: 21:00

Venue: Ready Gunner 1066 S State St, Orem, UT 84097

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