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Get free training by being a host!

With all the traveling I did last year and we have found that many people have either moved to other parts of the nation, or want us to come out to their home states to do training for them. We are happy to put something together for you and your group. We can custom tailor a course or use one of our existing courses.

One thing to keep in mind if you want us to come out to your area don’t reach out to us the week before you want us there. A good 6-8 weeks before is a good plan. With us adding to the schedule it is filling fast so don’t hesitate to reach out to us.  If you have 10 people plus yourself together and know of a range that fills the needs you will get to come to the course for free!

Please contact Todd at [email protected] or 408-203-0119 for further details and planning schedule.

Thank you to those that continue to support us.

Training Block (1217)

With the colder months here and most people cutting back on their live fire training because of family and other commitments we suggest that you take a few minutes each day to focus on some core skills.  At a minimum  try this three day a week training routine…

Day 1…Start out with an UNLOADED Firearm. Do 25 Draws from a holster (from concealment or overt carry) to full presentation.  Do this with a proper grip, stance and sight alignment.  Be sure to have a designated target area. Start with a slow draw and increase the speed as you go through the 25 draws.

Day 2… Start out with an UNLOADED Firearm.  From the holster draw and do a dry fire trigger press on each proper sight alignment.  Do this 25-50 times.  Again start slowly and build up the speed until you max out the speed and dry fire trigger press on target each time. (If you have a SIRT or Laser target gun this is great way to be sure you are hitting where you think you are)

Day 3…Start out with an UNLOADED Firearm.  Do 25 dry fire trigger presses with a two handed grip.  When you complete that move the firearm to your support hand.  Do 25 two handed dry fire trigger presses with the support hand.

Modifications can be done by coming from the low ready if you don’t have a holster or if you want to use a rifle or long gun you can do them from the low ready position also.

Remember an UNLOADED Firearms is one with no ammo and has been double checked to be sure of its UNLOADED status.  Remove the magazine.  Lock the slide/bolt/action to the rear.  Visually and Physically inspect the chamber to ensure that there is nothing in the chamber.  Remove any live ammo from the room you are training.  Only then are you ready to start your dry fire training.